Space Force - Rogue Universe

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The space is yours

Experience the most beautiful, open ended space simulation game ever created for PC. Discover unknown space, trade and fight your way through the galaxy - it is up to you to become one of the most famous or dreaded pilots in all known space.

Trade exotic goods, destroy ships and buildings, explore unknown anomalies, visit orbital stations and distant places and travel with jump gates Earn money and experience points to upgrade your ship and strengthen your character

This is what this game features:

  • Choose between 9 professions, amongst others spy, scientist, headhunter, doctor, policeman or adventurer
  • Engage in trade, exploration, fight, quest solving and diplomacy while developing your ship individually
  • Discover the Galaxy using 15 different spacecrafts with unique characteristics
  • A immersive Universe: 46 star systems and 10 civilizations throughout Milky Way galaxy
  • Squad tactics: recruit and command up to 3 wingmen to form your own fleet
  • You have complete freedom in movement and choice. SpaceForce2 is a complete non-linear game
  • Over 2000 thrilling Missions
  • Stunning Graphics, nevertheless good performance even on average PCs

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Space Force - Rogue Universe


Space Force - Rogue Universe Demo

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